Writing a Trainer for "Beavis And Butt-head in Little Thingies - Hock a loogie" by defiler.
Published by Tsehp, Sept 2000.


As i got a lot of feedback about my GTA2 trainer tutorial and more and more people seem to be interested in creating trainers and finding the memory locations to patch, I decided to write another (hopefully better) tutorial for another game. There are also too less tutorials out, explaining the process of *finding*,*anylyzing* and *patching* the code/data and afterwards writing a "selfmade" trainer to release it for the "scene". I chose a demo game as it is free, fully functional, windowed and pretty small for a Windows-game.

This time we don't search the memory locations with SoftIce, we will use a famous tool called 'GameHack' (http://www.gamehack.com), but you will need SoftIce anyway, just to have a deeper look at the process and the stuff what is going with the data/code you want to patch in memory.


(x) SoftIce (try Kaparo's Programmer's Tools)

(x) GameHack

(x) A resource editor (see Programmer's tools)

(x) MASM or any other assembler

Seek the web for the demo...

Now let's begin, run the game and have a first look (come back after playing have fun, I usually don't play any games, but this one is kinda funny).

Chapter I - finding the process's Virtual Address for scorepoints and setting up a little trainer engine with MASM32

Chapter II - making a levelskipper and extending the trainer-engine.

Chapter III - revealing a hidden gameplay and extending the trainer-engine.


So I hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully understanding my tutorial. If you want to use my trainer-engine or parts or modifications of it, please give me some credits. I tried to write a tutorial for newbies and I spent a lot of my free time and effort.. so just stealing my sources would be lame, as *I* know how to write trainers.. so think about it twice if you use these sources without asking me for permission or giving me credits.

Finally some greetings:
All people I know from IRC : #eliteFravias, #cracking4newbies, #win32asm,
#immortaldescendants, #blizzard2k, #odt, #cracking, #learn2crack

people who gave me some feedback while i was writing the tutorial:
u_schall, tE, amante4, Volatility, Nightm4re,
keybjunky: thanks for all your help with the html stuff
stone and f0ssil for some german -> english translations
yAtEz - replace it with. "hi yates ;)"
sat0r - mach das nächste mal anstatt screenshots bilder von nackten tussys rein,    dann kommt mehr feedback :)
WhizKiD` - nice essays defiler - Using SoftICE for making trainers rock
SantMat -  big and detailed

As all my work, this is also an unfinished version (I wanted to add some more stuff, but i am pretty lazy).
Maybe I'll write another one some time covering more advanced patching etc...

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