05 March 1998

Ok, here is for the easy devious way. I generated the 31 possibilities, one for each day. Then I saw no words meaning something. I then went back to the hard door I saw fred fred will lead to 123456.htm. I tought, I just have to find a number. Then I was in the devious page.
public class date{ static public void main(String argv[]){ String Ref="0123456789ibwdefghajklmnopqrstuvcxyz._~VBCDEFMHIJKLGNOPQRSTUAWXYZ"; String page="vournt"; String pages=""; for(int x=1; x<32;x++) { pages=""; for (int y=0;y<6;y++) { pages+=Ref.charAt(Ref.indexOf(page.charAt(y))^x^20); } System.out.println(pages); } } }
You are deep inside Fravia's page of reverse engineering, choose your way out:

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