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How to (try to) see some light through their smoke

A young cracker's eyes on the world around us
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Reality cracking news
A young +cracker's eyes on the world around us
by +Atheist
6 May 1998: slave labour, child labour
Adidas, Levi-Strauss, C&A, H&M, Nike and Otto Versand (Walt Disney) use slave labour and child labour in South America, Asia and Africa, as Francois Houtard, President of the international tribunal in Brussel (European Union) has stated. Adidas is the main culprit among these six. OIL conventions ignored or non respected, forced labour (to 14 hours per day, 7 days a week), salary well below the legal minimum, child labour (Adidas: 6 years children)... whatt'you say? Will you buy these "real" slavemaster's clothes again?

reality cracking
Reality Cracking
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