Masses and Puppeteers, by Tom Pedersen
I found this on the messageboard in July 1999, a little "conspiracy-oriented", for my tastes, maybe simplistic as well, but not bad. Of course all readers remember the S/F "puppetters" creatures as well...
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Thought you might enjoy part of this well written editorial by Tom Pedersen:

"...It is an old story and can be told again with eerie similarities. The 'masses' have infinite
justifications for their spectatorship and condemnations of those trying to do something. None
wish to pay the price for being identified as a 'real player'. You can parallel this to any
Soccer or Foot Ball game. Few players and many spectators with someone collecting their 'price of

It is these vendors ('puppeteers') who collect from the non-participating masses willing to pay
to be a spectator for those willing to fight for 'the' CAUSE that must be identified. It is these
individuals that will determine whether the brave few will win or lose in their endeavors of
Independence. They can be identified in these ways:

1) 'Puppeteer's' are rarely seen and always avoid the limelight. Fame is shunned. Their job is to
orchestrate from 'behind the scenes'.

2) 'Follow the Money'. This is the prime purpose for their efforts, endeavors and their very
existence. They firmly believe that Money and Control is essential, for in the absence of these,
they firmly believe they will perish. This belief is stronger than any man's religious

3)Their stance shows differently to each side in the conflict. It is always intended to
perpetuate conflict,NEVER to resolve it. BUT when asked, they always respond with RESOLUTION as
their prime objective.It is this same person who use to whisper in your ear what others said
about you, back in the school yard. Never were they outspoken or seen by the two conflicting
In this current civilization, the best example of the 'puppeteer' is assigned with the word
'LAWYER'. Most people who recognize this slovenly trait of getting others to do their fighting
would probably have picked the word 'Politician'. Since almost every politician is first a
lawyer, this is probably an accurate word to use. However, the real 'Puppeteer' is not often
seen. That eliminates the average Politician as the real source of such conflicts regarding
Independence or other similar conflicts. Many call their groups 'SPECIAL INTERESTS' and this of
course a politically correct name for 'PUPPETIER'S PUPPETS'.
Interesting to note, these groups of individuals are often very sincere and exude high Integrity
with personal convictions and purpose that parallel the apparent Special Interest Group's
activities and endeavors. This can be very confusing to the superficial observations by the

4) 'Puppeteer's' are always wealthy and hold large amounts of Control. 'MONEY and CONTROL' is
often all they possess. Their families, if they exist, are often in physical and mental disarray.
Their relatives and friends are, almost without exception, sickly and beleaguered. As if the very
life is being drained from them. (It IS).

5) Smooth, oily, sneaky, slovenly, ruthless, callused, without real personal convictions and
without any form of real productivity; are a few more descriptive terms that fit the 'Puppeteer'.
When it comes to producing anything or working toward making anything, the 'Puppeteer' will not
participate. He has no concept of constructive activities. This goes for any form of production.
Production is defined as the creative activity that makes something useful. The display of
competence in the activities of producing something. It includes his personal hobbies, business
activities, familial activities and building of friendships. He only'appears' productive. What he
produces is actually the products of others. 'LEECH' or the terms USURP and STEAL best fit the
activities of the 'Puppeteer' in his display of competence.

6) The words: Trust, Vigilance, INTEGRITY, Honesty, Character, Giving, Selfless, Kind, Dedicated,
Caring, Real, Beneficial, Altruistic and Zealous are terms that are rarely akin to what a person
would use to describe a 'Puppeteer'. The 'Puppeteer' can appear as competent, dedicated, cordial,
polite, nice, eloquent and intelligent. These are all necessary to him and he uses them to his
intended ends. This makes one feel funny after confronting or communicating. Something 'fishy'
there, is the usual thought.

7) The primary purpose and goal of a 'Puppeteer' is to CONTROL EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. This is
best done through MONEY. He feels personally threatened by any loss of CONTROL. He constantly
feels others are 'out to get him'. This drives him to excel in his endeavors to quell this
overwhelming FEAR. When he is DISCOVERED he will lash out with ferocity. All of his facades will
then drop away and be replaced with vengeance, spit and venom. Only by being discovered will the
smooth veneer be dissolved and the TRUE nature of the 'beast'(Puppeteer) be displayed.

8) Since the 'Puppeteer' MUST have CONTROL and POWER he is often found within the Political
arena. This is the prime source of CORRUPTION. It is why Governments go bad and eventually
enslave and destroy the very people it governs. This leads to the obvious conclusion that most
politicians are 'puppets' and not the real source of destructive policies and practices. FOLLOW
THE STRINGS and you will find the PUPPETIER on the other end pulling them.

This is the only way to fight for any form of Independence. We know that the 'masses' are easily
fooled. When fooled there response is to do nothing, to yell with the vigor exemplified by any
other spectator. The 'masses' comprise the majority of our free peoples. They all 'know' that
change is hopeless and that voting or participation of any kind is useless. They know that 'IT'
will happen 'anyway'. This attitude is best described as 'APATHY' and is exactly what the
PUPPETIER strives for and wishes for every American. The PUPPETIER would say to every American;
'Just watch that wrestling, football game, soccer game or any other form of entertainment. Scream
for your team and your approval or disapproval, BUT DO NOTHING. Then, WE can ALL be FRIENDS. Oh
yes, Please Hand Your Money to the Cute Teller, on your WAY IN.'"

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