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Updated January 1999

Javascript page
Fravia's JavaScript entrance

Courtesy of Fravia's page of reverse engineering
Well, even if indeed amazing, the success that this new section of my site has had does not wonder me actually too much, seen that Javascript is acquiring more and more importance (especially for stalking matters), and that there are many important "Javascript curiosities" on the Web. I'm focussing at the moment, as you have seen, on "javascript based site protection", but I intend soon (with your help, of course) to start investigating other, very important as well, javascript usage possibilities. Watch it!
If people only leech I will not be able to teach!.
This section will grow only through your own contributions, dear readers, and therefore WORK A LITTLE on this -if you are interested- and send your own essays or whatever interesting you found out!

I don't believe there is on the web ANY other place where you'll find so many javascript cracking approaches at the moment... yet I may be wrong... if you know of any site that should be added here, please MAIL me. Please consider this place, once you have landed here, as YOUR place as well. If I notice that the name of this site has been passed to others THAT HAVE NOT WORKED like you all have, I'll change the name of the page and you may either re-crack it (now you have enough scripts for that :-) or just ask me for it. Now enjoy the following essays, and as soon as you have time please WORK and send me your 'advanced' javascipt contributions...

You'll also notice a couple of javascript tricks around my OTHER pages. See for instance some old copies of the what_new.htm page for a "referrercheck" function that you may modify in order to create another sort of conditional gate to parts of your site. On my main index.htm page there is a small Whats_Frav_New() function as well, triggered by a button... more other little javascript snippets have been and will be added as needs be...

The essays

As introduction and "starter": PHASE 1, by Fravia+, 07 December 1997
(You probably did not know that you had these functions inside your browser)

As first possible little essay: PHASE 2, by Fravia+, 08 December 1997
Elementary tricks 1.1
(Popup pages galore and some stalking elements)

As 'quicky' small reward for having reached this page: PHASE 3, by Fravia+, 18 January 1998
Nasty antiMSIE tricks
(and some stalking elements)

From the "how people have reached this page" series: PHASE 4, by Syko, 01 February 1998
Password finder for Fravia's excellent JavaScript Protection
(applying english rules to a password cracker)

From the "how people have reached this page" series: PHASE 4bis, by Epic Lord+, 01 February 1998
How to use aids from your target :=)
(seems so easy now yet it was not so easy after all)

From the "how people have reached this page" series: PHASE 5, by Tomba, 10 February 1998
A deductive & recursive way into Fravia's java-pages
(importance of deduction in all reversing matters)

From the "how people have reached this page" series: PHASE 6, by Chris, 11 February 1998
Getting into Fravia's Javascript page
(a short java program: class CrackPass2)

From the "how people have reached this page" series: PHASE 7, by WeLuv, 18 February 1998
Thru the Java Door
(Shut the computer off and THINK through the problem)

From the "how people have reached this page" series: PHASE 7, by SPLiCE, 19 February 1998
The 'easy' javascript entrance: A recursive approach
(Using recursivity and deduction to overcome 'simple' protections)

From the "how people have reached this page" series: PHASE 8, by Jack of shadows, 24 February 1998
Know Thy Language!
The importance of knowing (your enemy's) language

From the "tools that people have written in order to reach this page" series: PHASE 9, by Ken (KenZone), 01 March 1998
How to check passwords!
A 'graphical' approach

From the "how people have reached this page" series: PHASE A, by Roady, 05 March 1998
javascript password brutecracker
Just needed a bit of luck

From the "how people have reached this page" series: PHASE B, by Tom, 26 March 1998
A "ponderated" vocabulary approach to advanced javascript
Each good triplet found increases the current score by one

Fravia's "sticky page" trick
by Fravia+, 18 May 1998
A "sticky" never ending page
This can be seriously annoying, btw...

+mISu's C++ program
by +mISu, 23 September 1998
a real solution using backtracking

Gattman's Java approach
by Gattman, 02 December 1998
A little java for you, ssir!

Gattman's FREE FOR ALL javascript

The 'WHEEL OF FORTUNE' solution
by Pr!Me5, 20 January 1999
A little java for you, ssir!

Let's hope you'll send some essays, seen that you have landed here... this section will grow only THROUGH YOUR OWN contributions... you don't expect other people to provide all the work, do you?

The links
(cut and paste; I'm not going to hyperlink :-)

Newsgroups and maillists

Sites and repositories

Javascript sites with a stalking or 'bad' reputation

(D'you have any more links to add?)

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