Salest Agent Generic Cracking

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published by +Tsehp oct 2001

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Here we will crack Flash 4 together.And I will show you how you can make this crack generic for all Sales Agent protected Files!


Ok open your Flash 4 Trial . Choose Try open Help and Choose About write down the serial written there. Close Flash4 re-open it.Choose by now Fill in the info when it asks for Credit Card Number enter 20 digits of 1 (1111....) if it doesnt accept try 19 digits :) .And lastly choose Mail/FaX method choose ok.It closed itself. Re-open it choose buy now and boom it asks for a unlock code.

Ok lets go fire up to SoftIce write 'bpx getwindowtexta' so we can catch our error message :). Press x enter and close softice write 0123456789 as unlock code (We need 10 digits I will tell you why in a minute :) ) .Press Ok.Boom you are in SoftIce press F12 twice so that you are in sales agent code , scroll down until you see

001B:100059FF CMP ECX , OA  <-- This checks if we entered 10 digits or not

You see a JE below it dont u :) .Just press F8 on that line and scroll down until you see

001B:10005A8F PUSH ECX   <--- Make a 'd ecx' and you will see bunch of letters in data window.Thats our unlock code.Write it down.In my case it is YFYIQIYXLI.

Clear breakpoints with bc * enter and close softice with x. Write the unlock code we write down.Press Ok.Now it asks for a serial.Write the serial we noted down.And ok boom our software is being prepared.Run flash again and its retail now!lol.

Ok lets make this crack generic for all dumb Sales Agent proggies.If you use RegMon when using trial Flash you can easily see that Rsagent checks a registry key to see that if the proggie unlocked or not which is

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ultxfile\Format\XXXXXXXX] where xx part is MSHLOH0E for Flash 4.So all we have to do is changing that X's to the program we want to unlock.So open Run-->regedit

Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ultxfile\Format\MSHLOH0E and click File--->Export Reg File chhose a name like flash.reg and save it.So all you have to do is getting the right XXXXXXXX for the program you want to unlock.Just install another Sales Agent product for example Flash 5 ,Dreamveawer 4, anything :) . Just run the trial once and check the subkey name XXXXXXXX .Change it in the flash.reg file with the right one.Double click it and re-run trial and boom our software is being prepared. Heheh now we can crack all Sales Agent Protected proggie.Have phun!

What can I say What a loser !

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All my life and work is dedicated to my little darling ESRA. I love you baby ! :)