Links to free Dongle protected softs
by Frog's Print, January 27, 1998
Courtesy of Fravia's page of reverse engineering
Well, I have said enough on this awesome stuff on Frog's print main article, here
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in
Here is a list of dongle protected softwares (over 40) I found during a quick search through the most usual Search Engines. They ALL can be freely downloaded from their companies home pages. 
Note that I DON'T know most of the following program or  their protection level (except those I cracked and did not included in my essay or are from the same company). Some of them are probably very easy (may I say bloody stupid?) to crack, other may be stronger or un-crackable so don't blame me if you crash your PC and get bursted out of this planet while attempting to run them without the dongle! 
Before downloading them, browse through their companies home page and ensure that you will not download just an update patch that will not run if you don't have a  previous full version of the soft (most of them are described as fully functional versions). As you'll see, some of them will work in Demo mode if you don't have the dongle, or will simply refuse to run.  Take care, you may have to download huge files (5Mb, 10Mb or more). 
Last words: some of those softs may NOT included the dongle driver (specially if they use Sentinel / Hasp or DesKey dongles) but you'll just have to visit the manufacturer WWW site and download the latest drivers (that's free). 
Good luck... 

Frog's Print -:) 

 (oh, BTW, let us know if you find some naughty protection tricks) 

WinNT (only): 
-  2 dongles softwares (RipNT, PainterNT).
-  2 (or more?) dongles/Demos(CRS Copydot Software, Image Express).
-  ??
- For NT4. Beta testers wanted for dongle softs. Must e-mail them. See their site for more infos.
- Jasmine Beta Test software.Before you can download the Beta Test Software, you must first register your request with them.   
E-Mail to and provide them with the following information:   
Your Name/Your Company name/Company address, city, State/Phone & Fax Numbers/EM-Mail Address (give a wrong phone number/address and tell them that you live in Center Africa so they'll never call you but e-mail you their infos!)
- -OmniMark V3R1a for NT (Hasp dongle)
Win95 (NT sometimes as well) or Win3.xx/DOS:
-  S-Tagger for Interleaf (I cracked in my essay S-Tagger for FrameMaker).
-  This is the (very slow) site of DigiSHOW I cracked. There are 2 or 3 similar other dongles.  For NewByes only...
-  Micro-Pro (dongle/demo).
-  Lots of stuff but I really don't know what you'll get after downloading (according to me there may be just updates and therefore couldn't run without the right soft) !
-  PicPump2.
-  WKMCL (apparently using the DK2 DESkey dongle driver).
-  Home page of ABBCS31 I cracked in my essay. There are at least 20 other dongles protected similar DDE Server (16 and 32bit) to D/L. Good for NewByes.
-  TAKELog for DOS (apparently a DOS dongle!)
-  4 dongles: SignLab, SignRip, EngraveLAB, PrismPrint( very big files from 5 to +10Mb) in the "Maintenance Releases" section.  Micro-Cap V v1.03 (old version using the Sentinel dongle- I cracked in my essay v.21 which used the Hasp dongle and had an interesting protection- may be interesting to compare both??).Requires sh22W3S.dll. If not present in your windows/sysmem directory, you can download it here: SH22W32.DLL 27Kb and rename the file SH22W3S.DLL. (BTW, bookmark this FTP site because it contains most Windows/system DLLs you'll ever need to run any program! -: )
- 2 softs: VCD2.0 Tool (required a 'green' dongle) and Maestro 2.0 Tool (required a 'blue' dongle). Apparently don't work if no dongle.
- This is the CJK (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) Language Software site where I got and cracked XinTianMa C. There is another one called XinTianMa CJK. (Those who are smart guys will not waste their time to download Rising Sun as it is clearly mentionned that it's just an update and NOT a full working soft -:).
-??? -I lost a link about a dongle program called Ten Minutes Tutor. There were a demo and a dongle protected versions, but you'll have to fetch it yourself on the Net (don't be lazy...).
- SysWin 3.1 (fucking slow site, I've been unable to download the 3 zips!). Demo/full program.
- 2 softs: N-See v3.53 and N-See2000 (described as 'need the black or green dongle').Full or demo mode (?) if no dongle.
-  WinFeed v1.11. Apparently don't work if NO dongle. Useful program if you have pigs and need to feed them....!!
- Picaxo
- 4 softs: Pipes (Win95 or Win3.xx) and Pipes++ (Win95 or Win3.xx). Note: the dongle protection of Pipes++ is not amazing but not too bad for a first dongle approach (it requires the Sentinel.vxd driver).


OmniMark V3R1a for Win95 (Hasp dongle) This is the version I cracked in my essay. 
Same soft but for Win3.xx/DOS
-  Unfortunately, I found some Linux dongles at this place about 1 week ago but the site has just changed its policy and a registration password is now needed to download their softs.  
(Note that I cracked in my essay FTI/DOE which works on most Unix systems. You can get it here).
- -OmniMark V3R1a for OS/2 (Hasp dongle)
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