W32Dasm Disassembled

Part3: Adding a Recent Files List
 Error Correction

by Harlequin

  December  2000



 I recently recieved a mail from TmcG regarding the W32Dasm Disassembled essays. He reported that his up/down/pgup/pgdwn keys did not work in W32Dasm after applying my Part3 patch.

After about 10 minutes of searching I found my STUPID mistake. Perhaps some of you found it too?? I wonder about this, if you did not and just decided to dump Part3 then I have to ask do you really deserve the solution to the error? After all if you have not been interested enough to at least query the error why should I help you correct it????

So I have decided not to give you the solution rather to let you figure it out by yourselves, except TmcG of course who was good enough to inform me. I will give you some clues to point you in the correct direction, although I think mayby I am to kind.

The error lies in Part3 and is related to the code which jumps out of the WM_COMMAND checks. In order to fix the problem and have a fully working (barring any other bugs of course) modified W32Dasm, you have only to change 1 byte. When you find it you only need to change the 4 to a 1 :-)

Just goes to show when you start messing with bytes then a byte makes a big difference.


Essay by:      Harlequin
Page Created: 10th December 2000