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serious bug in olly engine!

Found a bug in OllyDbg? Post a report here.

serious bug in olly engine!

Post by tibbar »

if i do:

Assemble("JS 0x463BC7", 0x483B46, &am, 0, 0, errtext);

this returns me 0x78 0x7F


0x463BC7 - 0x483B46 = 0x81 = 129 > 127!!

This doesnt happen in the Olly 1.10, only the engine on your site when i use it in my app...

Any ideas whats going wrong?

Many Thanks.
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serious bug in olly engine!

Post by blabberer »

you mean the disasm.zip available in the main site ??
that version of disasm source is not current source it was of version 1.04 if i remember correctly if you want some source to look at try pvdasm by ben (he has released his source of the disassembler and is uptodate to match the compiled binary)

serious bug in olly engine!

Post by tibbar »

yes version 1.04.

isn't the source from 1.10 available, seems a bit strange to keep buggy source available...

i guess i will have to fix it myself, as my project is built around the ollyengine now.