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Post by Acelent »


Since I installed Windows XP SP2 on my laptop that OllyDbg systematically shows me this yes/no message dialog when it hits a breakpoint or when I press the pause button:

"In order to perform action that is not supported by OS, OllyDbg has injected short piece of code into the debugged application, but received no response within 5 seconds. Do you want to wait for another 5 seconds? (If you answer No, the consistency and stability of program is not guaranteed and you should restart it as soon as possible)."

It happens *sometimes* when I hit No that it stays consistent. Even when No is a good answer, it is a waste of time asking me this every time I "step into" (F7)! What the ... and I doing wrong here? Is it any device driver? (Sony Vaio) Is it any new service or policy in SP2?

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Post by Acelent »

Ah!... I can't believe it! I just found out what is causing this behaviour, but do not understand it...

After a more refined search in google, I found this:

"I found out that I got this error only when the "Decode registers for any IP" option was checked under Options -> Debugging Options -> Registers tab."

Well, almost quite so for me, but the cause was not that option, instead it was (in the same options tab) "Decode SSE registers". What I don't understand is why this "is not supported by OS" when I have a Pentium 4!

Well, that's for the record, might someone bump into this problem too...
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Post by blabberer »

well at the moment the search function is not working properly
but this is a known problem and was discussed here and oleh replied back
he would look into the matter in v2.0 he uses code injection to
get the register status of sse registers and also to decode registers
of thread

http://ollydbg.win32asmcommunity.net/index.php?action=vthread&forum=1& topic=158