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IDA Pro - Generate TIL for directX headers

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IDA Pro - Generate TIL for directX headers

Post by majin »

I'm trying to generate a TIL for the directx api since i have a lot of calls like this

((*(int (__stdcall **)(_DWORD, _DWORD))(*(_DWORD *)globalLPDIRECT3DDEVICE7
+ 52))

i know this is for example IDirect3DDevice7_SetViewport(p,a) - but its a hassle to lookup the method index every time.

The problem is the SDK uses other includes, i tried

tilib -c -hd3dxcore.h -btil/pc/vc6win.til d3dxcore.til

to us the default for windows.h - but i get the error of "Error d3dxcore.h,14: Can't open include file 'limits.h'"

I cant supply more than one base TIL - im not sure how to help the tilib with all needed header files.

I need to get this header as til https://www.assembla.com/code/lightning ... xy/ddraw.h

Anyone has a good idea how to create a TIL for such a large SDK ?