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real DOS

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real DOS

Post by WaxfordSqueers »

Had a bit of a laugh today. Reading up on ntvdm.exe which is the DOS emulator for Windows. I am running XP and I opened a CMD window to see if it would run edlin, the old DOS line editor. It ran but claimed a file name must be entered. Decided to try mem to check memory.

I should mention that the moment I entered edlin as a command the directory tree changed to 8-bit. For example, C:\Documents and Settings became c:\DOCUME~1\. If I enter D: at that prompt it takes me to D:\ but if I enter C: at that prompt it takes me back to the C:\DOCUME~1 prompt.

After entering mem I got:

655360 bytes total conventional memory
655360 bytes available to MD-DOS
594816 largest executable program size

1048576 bytes total contiguous extended memory
0 bytes available contiguous extended memory
941056 bytes available XMS memory
MS-DOS resident in High Memory Area.

I was wondering why they kept config.sys and autoexec.bat around. I have run sice for DOS in such a Window but can't think of any use for that today.

Don't know if this is available with the x64 bit Windows versions. Don't know if it would run in a VM with a 32-bit version of Windows running.
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Post by esther »

someone created a 64 bit program NTVDMx64 by Leecher1337,it's not a microsoft program,dunno if it works in 64 windows,I didn't tried coz I don't have 64 bit os

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