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Flexlm 9.2

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Flexlm 9.2

Post by Aer73 »

Hello to @ll.

I´m newbie in this forum and i want to ask some help.
I have search the seeds and vendor kesy of one daemon and i don´t know if was correct.
Somebody can tell me is these ones are right?
Many thanks to all and Congratulations for this great forum.

Kindly regards.

SEED1 = 0x9B4ABF0C
SEED2 = 0xEF99E5DB
/* Version 9 keys */
#define VENDOR_KEY1 0xc0bb6a40
#define VENDOR_KEY2 0xb31057c6
#define VENDOR_KEY3 0x3adc2713
#define VENDOR_KEY4 0xb0367d9a
#define VENDOR_KEY5 0x696c2ab5
#define CRO_KEY1 0x031b2042
#define CRO_KEY2 0x810cc464

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