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Newbie need help: Plz

First timers and new learners, this forum is for you. Please use the search function to see if your question has already been answered.
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Newbie need help: Plz

Post by maxi »

Hi All,

I am new in this field. I need help to make a permanent license from a demo license. The target is Flexlm and it is Ver 10.8.

I have read some tutorials but do not have SDK and not able to find it. So can someone please help? I've the following info.

I have fully working demo license which will be expired in few days.

for good understanding license look like following.

FEATURE XXXXXXX VENDOR 0000140109 23-jan-2014 uncounted \
VENDOR_STRING="254 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 \
255 255 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 " HOSTID=DEMO \
NOTICE="XXXXXXX" SIGN="1854 8A9F 5F27 2012 2BDB \
273B 481F 14A1 FD0F E453 5935 CB5B 2DC2 6648 2B8B 069A BDDB \
AAD6 AE70 C7D3 1B6B 9559 37A3 01DD D691 82EC 58E1 BAB0 2942 \
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Post by CrackZ »


There is a lot of information out there discussing FlexNet. It may or may not be possible to generate a new license. If you have the vendor daemon that would be a good starting point.

I think this is beyond you right now I'm afraid.


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Post by maxi »

I've the following.
* I know the target is Flexlm 10.8
* I am using SDK 11.4 for lic generation
* I've generated the VENDOR_KEY (1-5)
* I've also generated the TRL_KEY (1 and 2)
* I've also got ENCRYPTION_SEED (1 and 2)

This is what I have learned so far from searching different thread.

Also I have learned that my lic is using long name so I need to patch the vendor demon. I tried it but ECC shows nothing to patch.

I need to learn the following.
**How to build the lmcrypt with the help of SDK and the data I have. I will be thankful if you tell me in steps as I am not a software guy..
**After that what I need to do?

Please help me...