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Setting symbol names

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Setting symbol names

Post by ptr0x »

Hi there, and thanks for reading my topic.

I'm having some troubles when analyzing some big function.

I just can not find nothing about set the name of some symbols, like local variables, arguments and so on.

It would be very much helpful if I could name local variables.

I found that the OllyDbg read the .PDB file to set and name the symbols, but if I'm analyzing some PE without his PDB, what could I do? I thought that perhaps there was some PDB generator or something like this.

Is there some plugin or some other way to solve this issue?

Thanks very much.
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Post by Kayaker »

Probably not quite the solution you're looking for, but Mapgen is an extended version of the Mapconv IDA to Olly plugin which supports exporting local variables, enums, struct offsets, etc. A lot of extra work just to beautify the Olly output, but it does work to a degree.

http://www.woodmann.com/collaborative/t ... php/Mapgen