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patch in olly better

Support forums for OllyDbg 32-bit Assembler-Level Debugger.
Developed by Oleh Yuschuk (http://www.ollydbg.de)
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patch in olly better

Post by icegood »

How to get moreflexible patching in olly? For example to extend space for some fuction i just want move block of nops from down to function body. I dont require all references to be update (but it could be done too). But i need at least moving itself.
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Post by walied »

I hope i got your question properly. Anyway, i usually use JMP instructions to jump to the unused space (if there is any) at the end of code sections extending the vsize field in the section header, if required.

One more thing, to make this process more flexible, i also mark addresses of interest with labels ( shift + : )