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JIT Debug Launch Issue

Found a bug in OllyDbg? Post a report here.
Piers Plowman

JIT Debug Launch Issue

Post by Piers Plowman »

On my Win2k SP4 system I cannot use the Ollydbg as a system debugger as when it is set for this I only get errors on trying to open -aedebug.exe

I looked at the key at


and found the value to be

"C:\toolkit\OLLYDBG.EXE" -AEDEBUG %ld %ld

it does properly? parse the %ld %ld as the Process ID of the target process

Launching it from the commandline as ollydbg -aedebug <procid> also has the same error.

I tried removing the key and recreating it through the JIT options in Olly but the same key value is set.

Any ideas on what is wrong?


JIT Debug Launch Issue

Post by focht »


well that registry key looks fine.
First parameter is process id (PID) and second one is event handle (to be signaled if process is attached).

To test it from command line you need to supply both parameters, e.g.:

ollydbg -AEDEBUG <pid> <event handle>

To test JIT, write some simple program which forces unhandled exception.

Piers Plowman

JIT Debug Launch Issue

Post by Piers Plowman »

Thanks for your quick response!

I didn't realize that the second parameter was for the event handle. The application I was envoking the debugger from wasn't passing that parameter and if you launch it from the commandline as I did previously it gives that anomalous error regarding -AEDEBUG.exe

Perhaps the error handling for insufficient/improper command arguments can be made more clear in a future version.

Thanks again! :)