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Very important news on covid testing and why it is wrong

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Very important news on covid testing and why it is wrong

Post by WaxfordSqueers »

An extremely important video which explains the testing for covid and why it is wrong. It also goes into why people feel the need to believe this stuff.

It's nearly an hour long and starts slowly. It doesn't really get going till the interviewer, David Icke, starts to interview the expert Andrew Kaufman.

Andrew Kaufman surprised me with his forthrightness and deep understanding of the subject. Well spoken guy with the courage to take on the authority figures and explain why he is doing it.

He explains that the genetic sequence which is the basis of the covid test is a natural genetic sequence called chromosome 8. In essence, the test is testing for a natural genetic sequence in all humans therefore the testing can never end. They will be testing for and finding evidence for covid for the next 40 years or more. That means we will be seeing the erosion of our democratic rights well into the future based on a seriously faulty test.

https://davidicke.com/2020/08/24/big-st ... -icke-tal/