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before "Armadillos" die

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 7:17 am
by evaluator
draft memory:

so, this happen about in <=2009? there ( was some discussion about cryptography schemes (RSA?)..
were mentioned known incorrect methods of implementation.. (names had they) etc..
one knowledgeable in crypto person was explaining.. accidentally, one asked him: "could you, please, take a look in 'Armadillo' key implementation, as it looks like similar!?"
knowledgeable person seems looked into.. and after some time posted confirmation, that "Armadillos" 'industry leading' key management is nothing else, than one of those known faulty implementation... (ooh..noo : )
were late of time, no many users where there, and without wasting time, tricky_one_without_crypto_knowledge wrote:
"hey, guys! know what!? lets remove this post and hand over this info to capable crackers_group, who will.. crack and release keys for Arma-prot-ed soft.."
yep, seems all participants agreed, so.. no more.. of this post..

meself had quite darn filing about prot. I can remember, once we got "new" IAT redirection, were fun to manually unpack it & then.. I'm looking in program's folder, there lays some quite large file.. guess what? fully unprotected executable.. well, don't know who's fault it was, but i no more wanted to hear about it..