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cygwin unexpectedly, help thoroughly to influence for a correct ride!

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:49 am
by Dmytro
Hello expressive multigeneral gentlemen! The high degree of respect is actively expressed in a wish large majestic good!Please advice my cygwin is not something crooked stood up, not semaus,
but I can't compile anything, not even hello world. :mad:
I want to understand, even more than that, I think, we need thorough tests.
I'm on Windows seven. The way I prescribed.Launching mintty.
I have prescribed the paths.
And run mintty. There is no G++, moreover nothing in the console, and even bash: ls: command not found.
Is there any way to understand what's going on, I really want to, otherwise what kind of hacker am I? let me ask you, is there any way to fix this?
A help is needed in a large powerful degree, I errors am not able to find and long. :( :confused: