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DISM and Windows 7

Posted: Sun Dec 19, 2021 2:28 am
by WaxfordSqueers
Created a post on DISM and XP a while back and now looking at DISM in W7. Found out that the W8.1 version of DISM will run on W7. The secret is to use the DISM from the W8.1 ADK directory and not the stock DISM on W7.

You need to install the W8.1 ADK, which has DISM, but finding the ADK can be a pain. Found it on Not sure if the W10 ADK version will run on W7.

The reason I want it is to attempt a repair of a W7 install without doing a full repair install. Want to try the /restorhealth function after doing a /scanhealth. Guess I should have done that first but the site seemed so lonely without new posts. :D