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Post by WaxfordSqueers »

evaluator wrote:? can't you see screenshots?? inside VirtualBox. btw, I have my old PC from 2001 :)
I can't see what kind of motherboard/chipset you are using. I was curious as to whether you might have a similar mobo to mine with the 300-series chipset. There are problems with the 300-series chipset both with XP and W7 that I am trying to work out. I want to get sice running on the chipset then look into converting it to 64-bit. :D just joking...for now.

Nothing wrong with a 2001 version mobo. I keep my old motherboards in case I have to hook up a floppy disk or something and I am sure they'd be better for debugging. I have an ICH9-based chipset on an Intel mobo, the DQ35JOE, which I really like. Unfortunately I got to the point where I was having issues related to new technology. Otherwise, I'd still be using it.

I have a USB floppy now but it can't be used by certain apps that don't understand USB.
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Post by evaluator »

reuploaded attachment.
5. fixed unwanted behavior, when LP silently updates PEheader, which is bad for signed files.

as I updated Rosasm to G24 version and it now will preserve original icon. so original icon is back.
well, we(?) can endlessly fix things.. but lets not :) (say, 'realign' is overdoing things..)
but if you will find some weird bug, we(?) can fix it togather
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Post by esther »

if you have procdump,it still works in win10 32 bit for dumping upx.

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