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Very Easy CrackMe

A classroom run by newbies for newbies. Gain valuable reversing experience & skills as we explain the in's and out's of RCE.
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Post by owl »

goqq2008 wrote:1. Find the real serial number.

2. Alter the code to allow it to accept any serial
00401437 . E8 1CAD0300 call 0043C158
0040143C . 84C0 test al, al
0040143E 74 16 je short 00401456 ; nop
00401440 . C74424 04 2C0>mov dword ptr [esp+4], 0044002C ; the serial you entered is correct\n\n
00401448 . C70424 C03344>mov dword ptr [esp], 004433C0
0040144F . E8 44AD0300 call 0043C198
00401454 . EB 1B jmp short 00401471
00401456 > C74424 04 500>mov dword ptr [esp+4], 00440050 ; the serial is incorrect\n\n
That is a spoiler! for anyone that wanted to try. ;)

still can't understand

Post by vivekgupta1987 »

i am new to this.

i found real serial key using hexeditor as well as IDA (freeware) but first.exe says it is incorrect!!! :confused:

i can't understand alteration code.
How can i alter code in IDA or hexeditor?
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Post by ZaiRoN »

How can i alter code in IDA or hexeditor?
Don't know which version of Ida are you using but it's possible. There should be a menu item named 'Patch program' somewhere in the edit menu. If you don't see the voice you have to enable it changing the configuration file. The answer is somewhere inside our board, just do some practice using the board search function and you'll reach the goal.
Altering the code using a hex editor is possible. The answer is somewhere in our faq, read our faq page and you'll surely find the answer to your newbie questions.

Good luck.
Deep Undercover

very good

Post by Deep Undercover »

very good thank you

Nice and basic, which helps with understanding what is going on within the program.

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Post by [yAtEs] »

yay i also managed it! its good to know im still a cracker ;)

Post by blaklite »

V V easy, was my first ever without a tut :) now to move on to the next...
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Post by DENiSON »

Open ollydbg
f9 to load crackme
back in ollybdg "search, all referenced text strings"
try the large number
"that is the correct serial"