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Post by Kayaker »

Hmm, I was going to suggest in the meantime you might check the crackmes.de mirror

http://malwarereversing.wordpress.com/2 ... de-mirror/

but it seems that all those upload site links are dead as well. Which is too bad because I was going to download the packages and mirror them safely on this server before they disappeared (too late...).

Is there any chance anyone has the mirror files and can make them accessible so we can preserve them on the woodmann server?


Post by TheColonial »

Hi Kayaker,

Thanks for the response. I have already managed to acquire a copy of that mirror from a few different locations on the web. Unfortunately these "mirrors" are not complete. Almost all of the solutions and crackmes posted after 2005 don't exist in that archive. Mine is one of those that is missing.

I made every effort to find copies out on the open web prior to coming here as I didn't want to have anyone wasting time searching public-domain locations themselves on my behalf.

I think the last place to look is on people's individual machines or backups hidden away from the open Internet. This was the motivation for my post.

Thank you again for the response, I appreciate your efforts.

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Post by Darkelf »

Since crackmes.de is back, you can get your solution from there:

http://www.crackmes.de/users/silver/sil ... solutions/

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Post by TheColonial »

Thanks Darkelf! I didn't know the site was back. That must have been a recent change.

I am happy to finally have a copy again.