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how to find a address

Bugs/suggestions/scripts/... for OllyScript plugin

how to find a address

Post by terb »

Hi guys ...

Been searching the forum for an answer but with no luck !!!

I wanna find a value somewhere in memory. As a logic thought I wanted to use FIND

Find esi, mydatavalue <-- this value is of course different from time to time

however it wont run...

So instead I create a stupid loop kind of like this:


mov eax, mydatavalue
cmp [esi], eax
je goodboy
add esi, 4
jmp loop
msg "found"

But doing this is very time consuming. My question is if there another way of doing this using a OllyScript command ?? I cant seem to find one !!!

All help is appreciated... Thx in advance

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how to find a address

Post by Epsylon3 »

findop eip,#FFD2# //find command 'call edx'