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Ollyscript GPA command problem

Bugs/suggestions/scripts/... for OllyScript plugin
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Ollyscript GPA command problem

Post by Foreigner »

Hello all.

I'm trying to write a simple script but I'm stuck on GPA instruction. Suppose to have this situation:
eax=00404040 and eax points to string "kernel32.dll"
ebx=00408080 and ebx points to string "GetCommandLineA"
I wanted to do:
GPA "GetCommandLineA", "kernel32.dll"
using eax and ebx. I tried with something like:
GPA ebx, eax
because they point to the right strings but I always receive a nasty error. Where am I wrong?
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Post by nikolatesla20 »

Just make a variable

var Test1
mov Test1, eax
var Test2
mov Test2, ebx
GPA Test1, Test2

that should work...
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Post by Epsylon3 »


GPA [ebx], [eax]

ebx and eax are integers...

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