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Malware samples: broken vs tool detection

This forum focuses on analyzing malware and any aspects of dealing with packer protections.

Malware samples: broken vs tool detection

Post by Theory5 »

How do you figure out the difference between a broken sample or a sample that is advanced enough to detect VMware or malware analysis tools?

I have this 16-bit sample (at least i think its 16-bit, but PE still says "this program cannot be run in DOS mode" I took it off of a system infected with the FBI moneypak malware. it was the only malicious program I could find.) and since I am new to debugging I haven't exactly cultivated a working knowledge of assembly. But it doesn't run. I've tried to run it in both a virtualbox guest OS and on a native OS (both win7), but it never appeared to do anything that I could find with sysinternals.

So how do I determine what this is and if it is an actual working sample or if it is broken? MSE detected it and I "allowed" it then simply copied the file from the path provided (the drive was wiped afterwards). I assumed it might be obfuscated but PEiD didn't seem to detect any of the common packing algorithms.

Any help would be great! Also, the sample is available upon request, I just didn't want to toss it up on the thread without someone looking for it.
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Post by Kayaker »

Hi, welcome to the board. You're welcome to attach the file if you wish and I'm sure someone will take a look at it. Just zip and password protect the attachment (i.e. password "malware" or something).