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Access Violation during tracing the script

Found a bug in OllyDbg? Post a report here.

Access Violation during tracing the script

Post by ierton »

Hi to all! My English is not so good) but i will try to explain))

i just write this script (first one for me) and catch an Access violation
during tracing ('s' key)

// ODbgScript version is 1.48

var addr_addr
var addr

mov pat, "Some_string_in_Memory"
mov addr , 0
mov addr_addr , 0

findmem pat, addr
cmp $RESULT,0
je exit

log $RESULT, "addr: "
mov addr, $RESULT

log "referenses:"
mov addr_addr,0
inner_loop:// <--------------ACCESS VIOLATION HERE
find addr_addr, addr
cmp $RESULT,0
je ref_exit

log [$RESULT]
mov addr_addr, $RESULT
inc addr_addr
jmp inner_loop

inc addr
jmp loop

log "all done!"

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Post by dELTA »

So, your question is what might cause this access violation then I guess, or what? You need a good question to get a good answer around here...

Post by ierton »

aaa. yes.
this is my question and my bug report (i suppose, that this is a bug).