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Labels do not persist (or do but don't get re

Found a bug in OllyDbg? Post a report here.

Labels do not persist (or do but don't get re

Post by lickspittle »


I am experiencing a bug with OllyDbg (the latest version 110 on the homepage) and was hoping someone could help me work around it.

The problem is that when the executable I am debugging calls into a dll, the labels I set there do not restore when I exit and come back to the same point. I think I see some of them in the .udd file, but they aren't used. If I exit ollydbg without finishing running the program, it saves a dllname.udd with information. But I have absolutely no idea how to get labels and comments to persist and restore in the called dll when I reproduce this. The labels and comments for the executable thats running save fine.

Also, when I click the right mouse button, while in the called dll area ollydbg crashes outright. But I don't care about that, I can use keyboard shortcuts to add labels and comments. The restoring of the labels in that area is the thing that would make ollydbg usable (as compared to very hard to use).

Please help,
Thank you.
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Labels do not persist (or do but don't get re

Post by blabberer »

for labels and comments and breakpoints to persist on any othere
modules that are loaded apart from the main executable
you need to analyse that specific module so that olly is able to save the details in a .udd file that it creates other wise they dont persist
to analyze use ctrl+a in that module
or if you want to analyze every modules that are loaded
use executable modules and right click there and click analyze all modules

btw if you analyze the system modules they will also apply to other
executable that you may load
have fun :)

Labels do not persist (or do but don't get re

Post by lickspittle »

Thanks for your reply, after some playing around, I think I have it worked out.

The module has to have the same filename, as thats embedded in the .udd file. And I need to "Actualize" the module before I can "Analyse" it (and have its persisted .udd file read in, if it exists) and I can force the .udd file to be flushed out as well with the executable modules menu.

Its looking pretty good,
Thanks again for your help.