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Symbol location problems/solution

Found a bug in OllyDbg? Post a report here.

Symbol location problems/solution

Post by casterle »

I’ve been trying to get Olly to locate my .pdb symbols files without success. I have ‘Debug/Select path for symbols’ set to my symbols server directory, but no luck. I even tried copying the .pdb files from the various paths that MS’s symbol server sets up into one common directory, but that didn’t do the trick either.

Today, I ran FileMon (free at www.sysinternals.com – you need all their utilities, so grab them while you’re there) and noticed something interesting – Olly wasn’t looking for my symbol files in the path I had selected!

I opened the Olly symbols path dialog, and instead of browsing to my symbols directory, I typed the path in and clicked OK. I closed/ran Olly again, and sure enough, Olly was looking in the proper path. But now it wasn’t looking for the proper files! It was looking for .sym and .dbg files instead.

I searched through my FileMon output for .pdb files, and found that Olly was looking for them in C:\Windows\System32 and System32\DLL and System32\symbols\DLL and even in its own directory,.but not in the path I had told it to look in.

I ended up copying all of the .pdb files into the Olly directory (I didn’t want to put them where VS.NET might find them and get confused), and sure enough, Olly finds them when it loads my project now.

Sadly, Olly still isn’t finding my source code files.

Symbol location problems/solution

Post by focht »


i mentioned that too in earlier threads (just search em).
Ollydbg doesnt fully exploit dbghelper api nor work with new symbol server feature at all.

If you bugger the author, he might fix these issues in upcoming 2.x release ;) .