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Exception Handling

Found a bug in OllyDbg? Post a report here.

Exception Handling

Post by Snej »

Try this

and load Except1.exe into Ollydbg 1.09d
Ollydgb behaves strange if I set a breakpoint in the SE Handler (Structured Exception Handler) routine and single step the procedure
if I choose Run instead, all is going fine

anything known about it?

CU Snej
Senior Member
Posts: 1535
Joined: Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:12 am

Exception Handling

Post by blabberer »

what do you mean by different behaviour do you mean the other message box that says ive cleaned blah blah does not appear if you single step it or what is the differnt behaviour

coz if you are complaing about the other msg box not appearing then it doesnt appear coz olly handles that cleaning
so you will see it returns to olly stating cant process eception
before terminating itself

but other wise there must be no different behaviour and the tut accompaniying is one of the best douments available on seh

Exception Handling

Post by Snej »

Then lets me describe it in more detail
after loading i set a breakpoint at 40307f

1.) press f9 , press shift f7 , press f9 , clicking yes , press f9 , clicking ok -> program terminated
2.) press f9 , press shift f7 , keep pressing f7 , clicking yes , keep pressing f7 , clicking yes , keep pressing f7 , clicking yes , ....
without an end

Thats my different behavior
thx for interest

CU Snej