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program runs when loading

Found a bug in OllyDbg? Post a report here.

program runs when loading

Post by alan »

When I load some programs into olly the program runs strait away and olly doesnt show the code until the program is exeted. It previously was OK can anyone tell me whas wrong.
Thank you
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Post by evlncrn8 »

tls callbacks?
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Post by naides »

Or the brunt of the program happens on a .dll and is started from the .dll entrypoint, when it gets loaded by the .exe and leaves Olly holding the bag while the ".dll" returns, which only happpens when the meat of the program is done. . .

Change Olly settings to break on module load, and see if this is the case. . .
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Post by blabberer »

"Anti" OllyDbg:

LoaderFlags and NumberOfRvaAndSizes were modified.. I have Reverse Engineered OllyDBG and Soft ICE to find a few tricks that could slow down the analysis of a binary. With those two modifications, Olly will pretend that the binary isn't a good image and will eventually run the application without breaking at its entry point. This could be a bad thing if you wanted to debug a malware on your computer, because you would get infected.

may be some thing like this

or may be not but still some other problems like odd imagebase

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Post by drizz »

Or maybe it's just .Net App? Use PEBrowseDbg.