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GODUP+ can't use sigs

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GODUP+ can't use sigs

Post by rheax »

I see there is an official GoDUP+ thread, let me know if this would be better suited on there, but I see its not updated for several years.

I'm trying to use the import signature option and it seems to be having issues. I tried a bunch of signature files, and a few of them appeared to load as if by chance. A number of signature names have garbage chars in them and only a few .sig files can actually be loded, none of which were the ones I needed. It gives no error messages about the failed loads. Attached screenshot showing the mangled .sig names. On the GODUP release thread he said he had some problems parsing the sigs, but I didn't get any indication of problems this severe. As a workaround for now, I'm importing sigs into IDA, exporting a map file, and importing that into ollly. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

GODUP - Godfather+: ver. 1.2 2004-08-09
OllyDbg: 1.10