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Bulk Labelling PlugIn for OllyDbg v1.0

Plugin related discussions.

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Bulk Labelling PlugIn for OllyDbg v1.0

Post by Veronica »

The objective is to take a Memory Map listing from a compilation and extract all Label-Address (Symbol-Address) pairs from such a (text) file. These are then fed into OllyDbg such that it will display Symbols rather than Memory Addresses. This renders OllyDbg's presentations about as readable as is possible in a Debugging Environment.

The precursor is, of course, the availability of a Memory Map in textual format. Most IDEs (Linkers) should be able to produce that.

This is the link:


There is a ReadMe that explains the package. The PlugIn comes with a Help File that explains everything anyway (as far as I can see).

The main PlugIn (BlkLabel.dll) calls a Sub-Plugin (SubLabel.dll). All of the reformatting to support the extraction of Label-Address pairs for a specific Memory Map File Format is contained within SubLabel.dll. Write a different one of those, and you can decipher the Memory Map File of your choice. You just need to create an Export to handle (maybe translate) each Character, and another to decipher each Text Record. BlkLabel itself handles all the rest.

Oh. There's just one small thing. The Source Code is contained in the package, but the PlugIn is written in Clarion ... so I don't know if it will be much use to you but if it is you are welcome to use it.
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Post by reverser »

Whoa Clarion! It's still around?
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Post by dELTA »

Nice, thanks for the contribution. :yay:

http://www.woodmann.com/collaborative/t ... p/BlkLabel
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Post by Veronica »

reverser wrote:Whoa Clarion! It's still around?
Yes ... they're up to Clarion 7, although mine is only Clarion 2. But, by using Windows APIs, I can do anything - as I'm sure you will all know only too well.