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OllyAdvanced 'Hook-Injector' error

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OllyAdvanced 'Hook-Injector' error

Post by Admiral »

Perhaps it's a long-shot, but I was wondering if anybody using OllyDbg 1.10 under Vista 64 has encountered this problem. For some reason, Olly (pre version 2.0) doesn't like WoW64 and so vanilla OllyDbg 1.10 will crash any process it launches. The OllyAdvanced plugin (1.26 beta 12) fixes this, but now each time I launch OllyDbg I get an error:
Error in Hook-Injector Module!
This doesn't seem to affect Olly's performance, but I'm now finding that the debugger also crashes upon exit, which I'd guess is linked to this initialisation error.

It's not a huge problem as everything still 'works', but I was wondering if anybody knows of a fix, since I came up empty-handed after Googling the error.

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Post by Iwarez »

The 'Error in Hook-Injector Module' error is an error I also get on Vista x86. I guess it's a generic Vista only error. I've not tested with Vista 64. Just to let you know it's not bound to the 64 bit architecture.
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Post by bedrock »

I'm getting the same error, but with earlier Olly advanced versions (< 1.26) i dont get this error (but they don't have the x64 fix :( )
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Post by RaMMicHaeL »

I've recently installed Windows Vista x86 too, and started getting that message as well.
So I've patched Olly Advanced to work correctly in Windows Vista.
The patch should have no effect on Windows XP.

As a bonus, I've added a neat Detach, so Ollydbg does not terminate, and your UDD data is not lost. Quite handy.

Use only with OllyDbg 1.10, as the code uses constant addresses.

Enjoy :)
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