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Post by BeatriX »

ok. I just had uploded the previous stable version before the last modifications. If you can, tell me more about the trouble. (target ?)
Last stable version :
http://beatrix2004.free.fr/FullDisasm/F ... llyDbg.zip

Last beta version :

http://beatrix2004.free.fr/FullDisasm/F ... g_beta.zip
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Post by RaMMicHaeL »

I was right, the trouble is with beta version only.

With the stable version:
The speed of analysis is standard, no problems.

With the beta version:
kernel32.dll analysis takes about a minute.
ntdll.dll - it just hangs, and doesn't seem to complete anytime soon.

OS: Windows Vista, Seven.
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Post by BeatriX »

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Post by Silkut »

Thanks for sharing and updating the CRCETL Bea,


Code: Select all

1. [new] : BeaEngine is now a cross-platform library and it can be compiled by all well-known compilers (thanks to Igor Gutnik)
2. [new] : New intel AES instruction set has been added (6 instructions : aesdec, aesenc, aesimc, aesdeclast, aesenclast, aeskeygen-assist)
3. [new] : New intel CLMUL instruction has been added (pclmulqdq)
4. [new] : source code is now conform to ISO C.
5. [new] : new website is hosting the project : [url]http://www.beaengine.org[/url]
6. [new] : BeaEngine is now thread-safe. Disasm function is re-entrant.(thanks to Nam Nguyen)
7. [new] : BeaEngine is able to disassemble 16 bits targets - useful feature to analyze DOS .com files.

other news

1. [new] : example of a driver using BeaEngine with fasm (thanks to ouadji)
2. [new] : BeaEngine source code has been modified to make it easier to use with Delphi. (thanks to vince)
3. [new] : xlat becomes xlatb [thanks to Ange Albertini]
4. [new] : Header + examples for PureBasic coders (thanks to Helle and Mike Yurgalavage)

bug fixes

1. [bug fix] : xor instruction had bad instruction type (thanks to Tim)
2. [bug fix] : typos in the online documentation (thanks to andrewl)
3. [bug fix] : iret did not make the difference between iretd , iretw and iretq. [thanks to Ange Albertini]
4.[bug fix] : bad operandsize for "in" instruction [thanks to Ange Albertini]
5.[bug fix] : bad operand type for "pinsrw" instruction [thanks to Ange Albertini]
6.[bug fix] : bad operand type for "movupd" instruction [thanks to Ange Albertini]
7.[bug fix] : bad instruction size for Group7 instructions family [thanks to Ange Albertini]
8.[bug fix] : bad interpretation of "invlgpa" instruction [thanks to Ange Albertini]
9. [bug fix] : monitor and mwait not identified properly [thanks to Ange Albertini]
10. [bug fix] :Troubles with operandsize when it was used as a mandatory prefix.[thanks to Ange Albertini]
11. [bug fix] : In driver examples, IAT was not located in the right section. [Thanks to locoDelAssembly (fasm)]
12. [bug fix] : negative immediat where not displayed to be immediatly usable by assemblers. (thanks to 29a metal)
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