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exe encrypter ty burneye can't run

RCE of Linux tools and programs.
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exe encrypter ty burneye can't run

Post by wsgtrsys »

my system is debian , kernel is 2.6.23,i use burneye encrypt my elf exe,but i can't run .

i first apply the patch:
http://www.linuxforum.net/forum/showfla ... =31&fpart=
[[email protected] src]# ./burneye -o ls.new /bin/ls
burneye - TESO ELF Encryption Engine
version 1.0.1

loaded 22344 bytes @ 0x08056170
doing pre-stub encryption (@ 0x05371000) from offset 0x0000007f
next entry point is 0x05371080
end of segment 1: 0x00005748
brk(0) to force is 0x0805bd90
XXX: stub_len = 0x00005750
phdr 1 @ 0x05370000
phdr 2 @ 0x00000000
obfuscation layer: key = 0x6cf9ac60


[[email protected] src]# ./ls.new
[[email protected] src]# echo $?
[[email protected] src]# strace ./ls.new
execve("./ls.new", ["./ls.new"], [/* 17 vars */]) = -1 EINVAL (Invalid argument)
+++ killed by SIGKILL +++
Process 5720 detached
[[email protected] src]#