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ARTeam: SplashIt 1.0 by CondZero

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ARTeam: SplashIt 1.0 by CondZero

Post by Shub-nigurrath »

Hi all,
time for another interesting new tool from us, thanks to CondZero! This first release needs your testing to completely smash all the missed bugs still crawling in the code. Please note that full C/C++ sources are available as well, under a GNU open license. Check the download links below

Here what he says of this newborn and at the end of the post the link for the download..
As many of you know, some time ago I developed "PunchIt", an application that could add music / sound to an existing application with just a few mouse clicks. It seemed logical to follow this up with an application that could add a splash screen to an existing application with just a few mouse clicks. I started this idea over 4 years ago, but have only been able to devote time to it on a peacemeal basis.

Not being satisfied with just splash screen generation functionality, I grew more and more absorbed with digital imaging and ways to manipulate bitmaps and improve them. The current application has grown way more than I ever envisioned into a full fledged digital imaging application. My intent was not to replicate or replace in any way other applications already out there (i.e. Photoshop, Paint Shop pro, Gimp, etc.), but in trying to develop something slightly different, that I thought, would be a bit more intuitive, easier to use, have a relatively small footprint, SplashIt was born and besides, it's free to use.

Long story short, this release would not be possible were it not for the many people out there who have contributed to the digital imaging scene. See credits / license information for more on this.
In retrospect, I don't know what I was thinking in trying to develop an application that basically tries to do too much for one individual to support. It seemed like a good idea at the time, to bridge / combine many ideas into one common package, hence, the "Proof of Concept" approach.

In this first iteration of SplashIt v1.0, the main gui application itself and supporting dll's, need to be tested for base functionality before releasing the whole project. To that end, please refer to the included help file as there is too much to list here about the application and the numerous features available. This release was developed on Winxp with the supporting Windows Imaging Component (WIC) libraries and support dll's as well as GDI+ v1.0. I wanted to release a package that anyone with a winxp machine could develop on their own, if so desired. The todo list would include further development on the win7 64 bit platform and newer WIC and GDI+ libraries.

The help file, as written, refers to project information that will be released later after some initial testing. Simply ignore that for now.

This application has been tested on Winxp / Win7 32 bit and Win7 64 bit, however, on Win7 64 bit this application will run as a 32 bit application.

Key features (some of which will be available later (after initial testing)
  • Generate a splash screen for your custom application, quickly and easily with a few mouse clicks
  • New, Open, Edit, Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste as new image, Draw, Crop, Resize, Rotate, Shear, Zoom, Manipulate, Print, Scan, Select, Save image files, and more...
  • Splash Dll support
  • Standalone SplashIt Exe support
  • Splashbin VS2005 project application for developing your own splash screen application
  • Easily integrates a splash screen into an application using a limited amount of code
  • Alphablending (transparency) 0 to 100% including fadein / fadeout
  • Over 40 different Linear / nonlinear filters that utilize the GDI+ matrix (support for 3x3 and 5x5 matrices) and special effects
  • Custom textures / effects
  • Scan Image Support via EZTwain Classic provides very easy access to basic TWAIN services to import images into the application
  • Hotkeys, toolbar menu and menu support
  • Restoration module including (Fast Fourier Transform) High / Low Pass filters, support for kernel (point spread function) deblurring including deblurring filters (Wiener, Maximum Likelihood, Jansen Van Cittert and Total Variation with regularization), state-of-the-art color balancing filters, image denoising and image inpainting capabilities.
  • Color options (contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, tint, balance, gamma, etc. )
  • Over a dozen different text format options with Font, style, full color attributes, including support for selection, relative text pixel position, horizontal, vertical, shear and angle text orientations
  • Designate any one of the more than 1,000,000 colors available as a transparency (Region) color
  • Animated Gif support for gif spec "Gif89a" up to 128 frames
  • Animation support for 12 custom slide effects
  • Three different selection methods to choose from: rectangle, ellipse and freehand including zoom selection
  • Preview mode for filters, effects, color, text, restoration and texture
  • 1 level of undo / redo
  • Unicode compliant, support files up to 1000 characters in length
  • Full printing support includes page and print setup, preview and print dialogs
  • Multiple frame support for .tif, .png, and .gif files which support more than one frame per image. You can view, alter and independently save any frame to a file
  • Drag & Drop support
  • Window's Explorer context menu shell open command support
Download Splashit from here: http://www.accessroot.com/arteam/site/d ... p?view.336
Download Splashit sources: http://www.accessroot.com/arteam/site/d ... p?view.337

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