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softice and visual basic

Questions concerning tools (other than OllyDbg) - IDA Pro, SoftIce, member contributions, etc.
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softice and visual basic

Post by qmark »

Good morning all
I'm having difficulties debugging a visual basic program with softice
I have win xp sp3 installed in vmware and of course softice installed in the virtual machine. it works to set breakpoints on kernel32 functions, but i need to set it to work on msvbvm60.dll functions, in specific rtcMsgBox.

In c:\windows\system32\drivers\winice.dat i have the following:

; (SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\WINICE.DAT)
; for use with SoftICE for Windows NT (versions 3.0 and greater)
; ***** Examples of export symbols that can be included *****
; Change the path to the appropriate drive and directory
; EXP=\SystemRoot\System32\hal.dll
; EXP=\SystemRoot\System32\ntoskrnl.exe
; EXP=\SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll
; EXP=\SystemRoot\System32\kernel32.dll
; EXP=\SystemRoot\System32\user32.dll
; EXP=\SystemRoot\System32\csrsrv.dll
; EXP=\SystemRoot\System32\basesrv.dll
; EXP=\SystemRoot\System32\winsrv.dll

I added an extraline without the semicolon
And removed the semicolons from the others.

But still i'm not able to set a bpx on msvbvm60!rtcMsgBox
I get a "no ldt" from softice

*i start softice manually from "ntice.bat"

If somebody could guide me step by step to be able to put a bpx on rtcmsgbox i'll be in his debt
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Post by disavowed »

SoftICE is very outdated. Try http://ollydbg.de/ instead.
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Post by tedshred »

SoftICE Symbol Loader
File > Load Exports
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Post by qmark »

@disavowed: I know about olly, i just need to use softice on this matter
@tedshred: I did that, but i get a "no LDT". here's a picture:
The attachment Untitled.png is no longer available
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Post by Aimless »

My *ICE is a bit hazy, but you could first try running:

EXP MSVBVM60.rtcMs* to see if it has *indeed* picked up on the exported functions.

THEN, before you put a bpx, make sure you are in the right CONTEXT (same command).

Have Phun
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