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[Help] Change 'Locale' in Language bar From "PA" to "PS" for Pashto Phonetic Keyboard

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[Help] Change 'Locale' in Language bar From "PA" to "PS" for Pashto Phonetic Keyboard

Post by fWd82 »

Hi All
Happy to saw this forum.
I I have created Phonetic Keyboard with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator.
I have Installed the keyboard which which is going great.
But now the Locale (The short form for any language as for English: en, and for Pashto: ps) for Pashto Language in Language bar appeared with PA, which is wrong.
The Screen Shot for Language bar is HERE:

The Screenshot of Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator is HERE:

I need solution for this, that when my user (who install the keyboard) I want that there must appear PS not PA. If any one guide me, It will be really great for me.
What If we change the string in Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator from PA to PS, or what ? Please think about it.
Thanks in Advance :)
PS: Sorry If I posted in wrong place.
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