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Unable to create signature file in IDA Pro

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:31 am
by akovid

I am trying to create a signature file of zlib library of Linux in IDA Pro for analyzing the binary.But till now I have not been able to create a signature file.
For pattern creation I am using the following command:
$ ./pelf libz.a zlib.pat

and then I am using the signature command

$ ./sigmake zlib.pat zlibsig.sig

The problem is ./pelf is not parsing the libz.a file ... After running the ./pelf command it is saying skipped:0 total:0

I am attaching the libz.txt. Change the extension to "a" i.e libz.a. Please help in creating flirt signature file. I have tried creating the libgcc.a pattern also ,but again it is saying the same thing: skipped:0 total:0

Thanks in advance.