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flexlm 10.9 target with strange license format

Posted: Fri May 30, 2014 11:10 pm
by schrodinger
I have tried much to generate lmcrypt for this is flexlm 10.9 as reported by many tools
The license format is very strange


License example:
#Daylight EVALUATION license file
UID: 1111111
TS: Wed May 21 07:30:38 MDT 2012
licensee: anyname
street: anystreet
city: anycity
state: anystate
zip: anyzip
country: anycountry
#family_name: aaaaa
#given_name: aaaaaa
#email: aaaaaaaaa
#phone: 3333333333
exp date: 2016 04 20
support2: 2016 04 20
#hostname: ANY
cpu type: i686
cpu idno: id number (can be extracted by running testlicense.exe in bin)
toolkits: 3dwidget depict depictwidget fingerprint grinswidget
toolkits: http merlin programobject reaction rubicon
toolkits: smarts smiles tdtwidget thor widgets
toolkits: java cpp
programs: cluster daycgi fingerprint merlin printpackage
programs: reaction rubicon thor thormanager dayprop
programs: convert ws_canonicalizesmiles ws_convertstructure ws_getproperties

programs: ws_derivesdclusters ws_derivescaffold ws_gettransform ws_gettautomers

programs: ws_normalize ws_generatertable
servers: merlin 2 thor 4
#license key: aaaaaaaa

u can get all required information by running testlicense.exe