first of all: Yes, I readed the FAQ's, I tried the forum search, I readed a lot of tut's, I stared at tons of disassembled code, I tried to understand the signal flows and drunk barrels of coffee in lonesome computing nights(and some beers on frustration).

after doing this all i will try to give my experience the next kick :-)
I'm interested in dongle cracking, since approx. 2 years for personal use and education.
Now I'm working on two HL-based Projects, but always stuck in the prob of seed-calculation like most of the newbies outta there. Now here's my question to the experienced one of you: What the hell is the difference of the mainstream Hardlock and the Luna based ASIC And does it make a difference in the needed algo ? Hm, it's a very theorethical and dry stuff to learn and understand the basics of the investigated security holes in the passwords and the relation to the question/answer pairs, but i would like to compute it on my own and not to lean back and let the well known dumpers do the work to reduce bruteforcing of the needed nipples. Readed an essay on seeds and how they are calculated by some rounds but didn't get the whole picture in my damned brain.
I still needed help on this task.(Thanx a lot, you know who i mean).
If theres a simpler written essay on seedcodes, perhaps you can help me by providing the link, so that i can go on learning.
And I need more information about Luna's which are very spreaded in Germany...

Plz, no ready to use solution, i will try to make it on my own...
(And "Yes, Master. I RTFM" )

Suum Cuique