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Thread: Another strange packer

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    Another strange packer

    I just got this trojan from a friend. And it seems that it is packed with a brand new packer.

    Warning this is a malware
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    I think this is a home-brewn packer. Pretty trivial to unpack, just trace a bit until the 'jmp eax'. Oep is 403530.

    Looks kinda interesting, uses non-API code to get kernel32 base address and functions. Also the strings look promising (some HTTP shit).

    EDIT: I found some strings that indicate the trojan want to steal your money. They were encrypted.

    EDIT2: I am pretty sure it is the trojan described in this paper:

    Attached is my dump, and yes it's malware. Download at your own risk.
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    Thanks for helping me with this one man!

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