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Thread: Really hard to fish serial key (?) Please help

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    Thumbs up Really hard to fish serial key (?) Please help

    Hello all. This is my first post,please dont flame,i believe that I didnt broke any rules of this forum.

    I tried to fish serial number for <an unnamed application> written in delphi,not packed) and its (I think) really hard to fish.
    There is not any name input (only serial key input),error messages are not saved directly but they are translated via very good component SLokPK,there is timer timer for security and so on.

    Here is license key which is used for trial version in older version of this program

    ------SLokPK AppInfo Begin------
    ----SLokPK Certificate Begin----
    -----SLokPK Certificate End-----
    When I set breakpoint at address 005D83F4 it show the parts of serial key,but they need to be merged,that parts ends with "==" letters which I think that is in serial number letter "-".

    Do anybody saw that component (SlokPK) before ???

    Any advice please ?

    Thank you

    EDIT: There is some important information from DeDe,it seems that it checking the lenght of inserted serial key and there is timer which is activated when I typing serial key.
    And also,it generate serial key when program is launched and compared with that which is in file *******.lic file.


    TEnterLicenseCode.FormKeyDown 00658D38
    TEnterLicenseCode.FormShow 00658D60
    TEnterLicenseCode.memLicenseCodeChange 00658DF0
    TEnterLicenseCode.FormCreate 00658E40
    TEnterLicenseCode.EnterCode_LanguageChangeLanguage 00658E6C
    TEnterLicenseCode.UpdateStrings 00658E84
    TEnterLicenseCode.TimerCheckLicenseTimer 00658F5C
    TEnterLicenseCode._PROC_006591AD 006591AD
    TEnterLicenseCode._PROC_006591D4 006591D4
    TEnterLicenseCode._PROC_006591EC 006591EC
    TEnterLicenseCode._PROC_00659230 00659230
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    *i believe that I didnt broke any rules of this forum.

    You broke the rules!!!! software names aren't allowed to post here!!!!!!!

    Reverse the code,Reverse Your Minds First

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    Oh really sorry,I promise that I wont write the names of software for future

    Name edited....

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