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Thread: 2 malware video tutorials by Fifo

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    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N8di8 View Post
    ... Moreover, it only deals with KAV. Other scanners use different sigs. Therefore, a different (holistic) approach is required in order to make malware "stealth".

    But I like the sound of the tuts. So relaxing. Wish I had more time for reversing, coding, messing with malware *sigh*

    FYI: there are tuts describing how to encrypt malware in memory /w ollydbg. This is really dangerous stuff.
    Sorry for bumping an extremely old topic but I can't find any info on the subject of making malware undetectable with the search function except for this topic, so I'm going to add on to it and ask what this poster means by a "holistic" approach in order to make malware undetectable (at least until runtime). Now the obvious answer would be to pack it with armadillo or something as powerful but some antiviruses produce false positives if they detect certain packer's signatures because only malware are packed with it. I'm looking for a way for someone to do it manually, aka with ollydbg and a hex editor, or even my own unpacker built right into the program (pack it with some python script, store the bytecode in a text file, put the unpacking stub in the actual .exe and paste the bytecode right after it). Something like that. Obfuscating and encrypting for the purpose of making something undetectable facinates me and I can't find much material on it (well I found a lot but it was all made by script kiddies wanting me to run their programs). Thanks in advance!

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