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Thread: We're Back!

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    We're Back!

    Hello Everyone:

    We're finally back. To make a long story short, the server HD took a dump and then the ISP spent about a week attempting to recover some of our data off it, before giving up and installing a new HD.

    They then install fairly old server software, including older versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL than we had been running at the time of the meltdown. We decided that we wanted to update that software before we reopened the Forums and that has taken awhile, since our former set-up was done by someone else, although just recently updated by current active staff.

    All of that process took some time and some tweaking and some further tweaking may be necessary in the coming days, as we sort everything out.

    Some of the things which were on the server, mostly other peoples data and sites, have not all been fully restored yet. We are still actively working on that process and hope to have it finished shortly.

    Fortunately, we had a downloaded copy of a full-database-backup from 01.29.07 and a seperate vBulletin back-up from 02.03.07 off the server. We had weekly and daily back-ups on the server, but had not downloaded the last copies off site, when the crash occurred. From my records, it appears the server went down on Feburary 6, 2007, so we appear to have only lost about 3-4 days worth of Posts, and there weren't that many during that time frame. We were fairly fortunate and Woodmann is looking into automatic back-up software which also automatically downloads the back-ups.

    Anyway, welcome back and thanks for you patience while we finish this process. We'll have the rest of the previous materials re-uploaded to the new HD as quickly as we can.

    Please report any anomalies you encounter in the operation of the Forums, so we can address them as quickly as possible.


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    Thanks for the effort guys, it's appreciated

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    yup, nice to see its up again, cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMI View Post
    welcome back and thanks for you patience
    We must say this !!!
    Thank you for all your great job.

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Ah, home again at last... A BIG thanks to Kayaker, JMI and Woodmann for their hard work!

    Now let's get crackin', er... well, you know, in the good way.
    "Give a man a quote from the FAQ, and he'll ignore it. Print the FAQ, shove it up his ass, kick him in the balls, DDoS his ass and kick/ban him, and the point usually gets through eventually."

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    Thank you.

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    it`s great, Thanks for All.

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    I notice the username is now case sensitive. aimless does not work but Aimless does. Can't remember whether this was there in the previous incarnation or not.

    Feels good to be back.

    Woodmann down? It felt some of my body parts went missing. But I'm glad all my parts are OK now.

    Have Phun
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimless View Post
    I notice the username is now case sensitive. aimless does not work but Aimless does. Can't remember whether this was there in the previous incarnation or not.

    We're working on that issue, should be fixed shortly


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    nice to know you're still engaged. Welcome back.
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    thanks guys

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    Welcome back, your work is appreciated.
    Still here...

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    great to be back here after what looked like an eternity

    thanks a lot for all of your efforts to get this board back

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    Happy to see the forum active again, I hope it will work for the next 100 years at least


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    Thanks for your work guys, it's appreciated.
    Please consider donating to help staying online (here is why).
    Any amount greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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