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Thread: Merry christmas and a happy new year!

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    Merry christmas and a happy new year!

    So, the unevitable merry christmas thread, I might as well start it since it will pop up either way, and since I live in Europe I also have the privilege of celebrating christmas on the 24th instead of on the 25th, and can thus create it before any americans have the chance!

    So merry christmas (or even the more politically correct "happy holidays" version if you will ) all great reversers who frequent this place, and may 2007 become a great year for all of you!

    Now let's see some holiday wishes from around the world here...
    "Give a man a quote from the FAQ, and he'll ignore it. Print the FAQ, shove it up his ass, kick him in the balls, DDoS his ass and kick/ban him, and the point usually gets through eventually."

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    Merry Christmas from me too!

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    Merry Christmas to all.


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    Merry Christmas from the West Coast of the U.S. also.


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    Happy Holidays from Antarctica!!!!

    It is hot here

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    Merry Christmas guy and gals

    Greetings from la la la land

    Reverse the code,Reverse Your Minds First

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    You might be the forum bastard but, I still luvs ya .

    I wish Tsehp was still around. Best wishes to you my old friend.
    I would also like to say Happy/Merry to all of you wonderful people
    that I have had the pleasure to meet in Montreal. We had that delayed dinner celebration and I remember you all from years past and present.

    Mammon , Disa , Will , Zero , +F , Nico , Hugo ,
    Please forgive my poor memory if I have not mentioned you by name,
    I am old in the body and head .

    See you all on the new side of 07.


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    Merry Christmas to all

    I'm off to a 5 day/128-hour programming competition

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    Merry Christmas -all
    Good luck LLXX.
    Please consider donating to help staying online (here is why).
    Any amount greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year indeed.
    Still here...

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    Happy Christmas!

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    Merry Christmas,

    From the left coast, hope the nursing home lets me and JMI have more computer access this year!!

    Unemployed old fart Geek - Self Employed Annoyance
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    Happy Holidays from Michigan.........cheers! <gulp>
    we are demons to some, angels to others.....

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    Better late than never... Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to everybody!!
    Stand In The Fog With So Cold A Heart... Watching The Death Of The Sun...

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    wishing a happy new year to everyone

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