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Thread: Odd problem with Acudata

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    Odd problem with Acudata

    I've run into an odd problem with a target that uses Acudata Sheriff - I've searched my nuts off and can't find any unpacking info for this POS - problem being Acudata freely gives away it's license generating tools and the product ID and secret codes are so easy to find it's funny -OK now my problem, generating a license key is no prob, but there is a server check after - necessitating unpacking and patching - I can unpack this about 6 different ways, not a hard target at all, but even before touching a byte of the unpacked target - I find that "print" and "print preview" yield blank pages - instead of the object being printed, this is the only thing that doesn't work the same as the packed proggie, to complicate matters this one doesn't tolerate Tracing after a pause - anyone had any experience with this packer?


    Not an unpacking problem, it was the result of a CRC check - I solved with a loader - gawd I'm getting soft! I've never resorted to a loader before.
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