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    A very useful GUI for windbg by STZWEI, this is the first version, and is a very helpful for those who crack with windbg, i write 6 tutorials with WINDBG and i´m learning the use of this good debugger.

    Start windbg last version, and start the GUI, you will have a useful GUI for avoid type, in BPs,historical save of commands (tipying the initial letters can be restored), and many many improvements.

    Suggestions appreciated

    Ricardo Narvaja
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    No se ha encontrado la ventana de comandos. Abra un archivo y reinicie GUI_WinDbg

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    saca la marca en el windbg en MDI EMULATION y reinicia y asi lo toma, si la tenes quitada, ponelaa, reinicia, quitala, reinicia y asi lo tomara siempre desde ahora.


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    Uh... could you repeat that in English?

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    the mark in the menu of windbg, in MDI EMULATION need to be unchecked, if you have checked, uncheck and restart, if you have unchecked and the error continue, check, restart, uncheck, and restart again and always work forever.


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    you need have a archive open for the gui recognice the command window, when the window is recognized you can change the archive etc


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    I have no idea what you mean by "archive" but I've got it working after opening the command window. And... it's all in Spanish. Very useful.

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    open a file for cracking, or open the wmware or the second machine if you are cracking in two machines mode.

    and yes we speak spanish, but when the tool will be finished maybe can be translated.


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    Archive == File

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    Isn't WinDBG a full system-level debugger like SoftICE? If so... what'd you need a GUI for?

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    GUI can be something of user friendly, nice look, but IMHO
    is absolutely not necessary, it's only a matter of Command-Line
    and stepping

    Have a nice day (Repository)

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    is for more easy to use, type is slow, retype more slow, have buttons, for put commands, and save the historical commands, for east repeat only tipying one or two letter of the command, is for make more useful and friendly no more.


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    I don't know about you but IMO clicking at things is a lot slower than typing (short) commands...

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    maybe DOS is more quick for work than windows?, is your opinion, all programs come with a GUI, for easy to use and quick, if you use more quick typing, perfect, use the command line this is not mandatory at all, is for aid the users who want a GUI.

    If i need type 3 times for example

    bp `mysource.cpp:143` "j (poi(MyVar)>0n20) ''; 'gc' "

    and tipe one only and is stored, when i repeat only tiping b and enter, or bp and enter, you can save time using the historical, but is a choice of each one.


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    works pretty nice ,

    you can also add ub in densembler

    and in the stepping function pc tc wt would be a good addition

    also i dont see a bp /p "process" someaddress option

    i think you can ask him to add ZwDebugControl block to fetch the Eprocess
    of the process and make it set a bp on the process that one is interested in

    yep those who dont use windbg on user mode application wont find it usefull
    its a royal pita to do

    bp poi(poi(esp+0xb8)) on ntddl!NtContinue

    is the source available ricardo ? or maybe shareable privately if it is not to be published ?

    how is it coded ? an extension ? or completely standalone and doesnt use any of those diks (ddk sdk vdk kdk mdk kmdf vmdf wmdf and all other sundry blah blahs included in diks)

    nice to see some clickable interface to windbg the gui is sorely lacking

    mouse interaction

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